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I hereby affirm that theinformation provided in this application is true and correct to thebest of my knowledge and understand that any falsification of theinformation contained herein may serve as the basis for rejection ofsaid application and/or termination of employment. In addition, I fullyunderstand that my employment is contingent upon compliance with anyconditions, rules, or regulations required by the Southfield PublicSchools. I understand that prior experience and education attainment asof this date as listed in this application is complete and accurate,and no additional claims will be made following employment. 
I waive the right to receive written notice (specified bySection 6 of the Bullard-Plawecki Employee Right to Know Act) from mycurrent and former employer(s) for the disclosure of the informationdescribed in this authorization to the Southfield Public Schools. Ialso authorize educational institutions, employers, law enforcementauthorities, organizations, and individuals having relevant informationconcerning me to release all information from their files or othersources pertaining to my personal background including, but not limitedto, academic and athletic achievement, attendance, personal history,disciplinary action, police, or other records to the Southfield PublicSchools for their official use. I hereby release all persons,institutions, and organizations, individually and collectively, fromany and all liability for damages of whatever kind, which may at anytime result to me, my heirs, family, or associates because ofcompliance with this authorization and request to release information,or any attempt to comply with it. 
By my signature (name typed below) on this application, Iagree that I will settle any and all previously unasserted claims,disputes, or controversy arising out of or relating to my applicationor candidacy for employment, employment and/or cessation of employmentwith the Southfield Public Schools exclusively by final and bindingarbitration before a neutral arbitrator. Any dispute will be processedin accordance with the school district’s Employment Dispute Resolutionplan. By way of example only, such claims include claims under federal,state, and local statutory or common law such as the Age Discriminationin Employment Act, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 asamended, including the Amendment of the Civil Rights Acts of 1991, theAmerican with Disabilities Act, the law of contract and the law oftort. This agreement does not restrict an employee from filing a claimor charge with any state, federal, or governmental agency.